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Batman Sings the Blues


The conversation with @Michael_Cho makes me realize how lame my image of Batman is and makes me want to rethink how I draw him.

What for, I don’t know.

Also, just realized that what I just drew is like that fucking sterotypical moody album cover.

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Joker’s Smile

joker6sq joker6sqbw

As great and iconic as I think Brian Bolland’s version of the Joker is, whenever I drew him I’m always trying to recapture the feeling of unease and complete insanity that Dave McKean managed to communicate on every page of Arkham Asylum.

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DC Fifty-Too: World’s Finest



Here’s my version of the World’s Finest team: Batman & Superman. Here’s what they would be if given free reign.

I always thought that Batman and Superman worked best during the era they came from–the 40’s. That was a time when evil was more concrete and defeat-able. I think part of the problem with setting their stories in our time is that true evil these days can’t be defeated with fists, gadgets, and superpowers. I tried to take them back to that time while also giving them–instead of funky leotards–outfits of the time period that they would more realistically wear. Batman’s outfit is basically a bat-cloaked motorcycle patrolman while Superman is an all-american football star. By re-imagining them in this way I still retain their essential core while making them seem like they could actually arise organically from the times they lived in.

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