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Damian Wayne, Batman


Here’s my fifth Batman commission: Damian Wayne, Batman.

I confess I, like many, wasn’t a big fan of Damian Wayne when I first encountered him in Grant Morrisson’s Batman. He was brash, snarky, and altogether annoying. However, over time he came to grow on me as I realized that he’s only a miniature version of his old man. He’s now one of my favourite new characters of the last decade.

This Batman costume was from an Andy Kubert design for a story based in a future when Bruce Wayne had died and his son succeeded him as Gotham’s protector. I frankly don’t like the design much but maybe it’ll grow on me as well.

Digital rain added in Photoshop.

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Batman of the Future


Here’s my fourth Batman commission. Once again, it’s a character I know much about: Brane Taylor, the Batman from a now defunct 31st century.

I tried to change his design a bit incorporating armor-like features to his costume.

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This is the 3rd of my Batman commissions for @TravisEllisor : Batsman.

Truthfully, I don’t know much about him save for the fav that his power is to create bats from his costume. As a result, I tried to be creative with my depiction of the guy.

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Batman Beyond


I have never drawn Terry McGinnis’ Batman before but I’ve always liked the design of the character so it was fun trying to get a hold of the character. I really like the hypothetical future world that they’ve created around the character I tried to translate the feeling of that world into this image.

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The Batman!


Here’s my first of many Batman-related commissions for @TravisEllisor .

I was initially ambivalent-to-negative about the new armored Batman but I’ve got to admit that it’s starting to grow on me. At least, I can see why the costume redesign is necessary and may actually be a good thing.

I still don’t like the Nolanverse Bat-costume, though.

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