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Author: ron

Allies on D-Day


After losing his father at a young age during World War II, James Buchanan Barnes was adopted as the mascot for Camp Lehigh and nicknamed “Bucky”. Because of his skills Bucky was sent to England on his sixteenth birthday. Where he went through two months of combat training with the British S.A.S. and another month of special training back in the United States. To his superiors Bucky was the best natural fighter they had ever seen. It wasn’t long before he was made Captain America’s partner; who unlike Cap could get his hands dirty doing the little tricks that Cap wasn’t allowed to do because of regular military methods.

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Green Lantern Fifty-Too


I posted my latest entry for Comic Twart.

Our topic came out of Jon Morris’ DC Fifty-Too where we were asked what we would do if we had control over a particular character. I picked Green Lantern cause he was one of my favourite characters as a kid and yet is one of those characters recently who I think has just gone off the rails.

I would like to take this book back to its science fiction roots which is why I gave him a suit that is (hopefully) less like a leotard and more like the Dune stillsuit, one of the coolest outfits in sci-fi.

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DC Fifty-Too: World’s Finest



Here’s my version of the World’s Finest team: Batman & Superman. Here’s what they would be if given free reign.

I always thought that Batman and Superman worked best during the era they came from–the 40’s. That was a time when evil was more concrete and defeat-able. I think part of the problem with setting their stories in our time is that true evil these days can’t be defeated with fists, gadgets, and superpowers. I tried to take them back to that time while also giving them–instead of funky leotards–outfits of the time period that they would more realistically wear. Batman’s outfit is basically a bat-cloaked motorcycle patrolman while Superman is an all-american football star. By re-imagining them in this way I still retain their essential core while making them seem like they could actually arise organically from the times they lived in.

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