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Redesigned Bat


Sketched a design that’s been trying to get out of my head though its probably already been done many times before. Essentially a costume that I think Dick Grayson would wear if ever Bruce really did meet his end.

Started because it bugged me that Batman’s costumes lately sported big-eyed masks like Spider-man. I wanted to build a design that sported tiny eyes and big ears that would give Dick a kind of “radar sense” if you will. Helmet is armored and so are his arm braces. The rest of his costume is made of a highly durable fabric that is slightly resistant to temperatures, fire, knives, and bullets. The gloves and “boots” have clawed toes to more efficiently scale tall structures and improve fighting capability. These are retractable.

Cape is shorter, starting from his shoulders and ending at his calves. It is split down the middle as in Batman Year 100. It is also made of highly durable fabric.

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